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Berkey Products

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Berkefeld Products

World's First Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle
Advanced Iodinated Resin Filter and Replacement Filters  
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Seychelle Products

Stainless Steel Blue     Stainless SteelBottle Silver   Military Canteen
Stainless Steel Bottle-Red
  Stainless Steel Bottle-Blue
Price: R390.00
  Stainless Steel Bottle-Silver
Price: R390.00
  Advanced Military Canteen
Advances Filter Fliptop Bottle   Advances Filter Pulltop Bottle   Survival Straw Pearl Advanced    
Advances Filter Fliptop Bottle
Price: R330.00
  Advances Filter Pulltop Bottle
Price: R305.00
  Survival Straw Pearl Advanced
Price: R225.00

Seychelle Accessories

Stainless Steel Standard Replacement Filter   Advanced Military Canteen Replacement Filter   Advanced Filter Fliptop    
Stainless Steel Bottle Filter
Price: R 275.00
  Advanced Military Filter
Price: R 220.00
  Advances Fliptop Filter
Price: R220.00
Advanced Filter Pulltop            
Advances Pulltop Filter
Price: R 220.00