Berkey Filter Elements & Accessories

Black Berkey   PF-2™ Elements   KDF Shower Filter   Sport_filter
Black Berkey®
Price: R820.00
  PF-2™ Elements
Price: R500.00
  KDF Shower Filter
Price: R450.00
R550.00 w/head

  Sport Berkey Filter
Price: R150.00
Berkey Light Base   Berkey ACCESSORIES        
Berkey Light Base
Price: R350.00
  Berkey Accessories
Price: Quote per part


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Powerful and Economical Water Purification  
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Berkey Products, Water Purification, Water Filtration, Water Filters, for South Africa

BERKEY LIGHT   SPORT BERKEY   Go Berkey   Travel Berkey
Berkey Light™
Price: R1800.00
  Sport Berkey®
Price: R240.00
  Go Berkey® Kit
Price: R1150.00
  Travel Berkey®
Price: R1800.00
Big Berkey   Royal Berkey   Crown Berkey   Imperial Berkey

Big Berkey®
R2050.00 2 Filters
R2700.00 4 Filters

  Royal Berkey®
R2200.00 2 Filters
R2900.00 4 Filters

  Crown Berkey®
R2550.00 2 Filters
R3250.00 4 Filters

  Imperial Berkey®
R2400.00 2 Filters
R3100.00 4 Filters